Archeterica Imago

Tabletop Roleplaying Game of Genteel Conspiracy

Get the “The Invitation” Box Set, which includes Introductory Rules, three Game Scenatios, miniatures and many more – everything you need to immerse yourself in the game of genteel conspiracy!


The nineteenth century is a vibrant era ripe with exceptional romanticism, featuring republican revolutions and the exploration of the New World.

Test your wit and moral resilience in Shadow Play, where nothing is what it seems. Discover intricate webs of conspiracies, secret societies, and paranormal forces.

The world goes far beyond what we could ever understand. Encounter the Unseen and the Unearthly, grotesque spirits and mysterious cults.

Tabletop Roleplaying Game about Napoleonic Conspiracy and Occult

Archeterica is an pseudo Napoleonic TTRPG about secret societies and unearthly phenomena! This is a classless 2D6 system with a focus on dramatic character development and shadow organisations activities. In Archeterica you will be able to embody extremely versatile personalities as your heroes, participate in dangerous firefights with single-shot pistols on dynamic initiative, lose a limb and sanity, gain curses and diseases incognita, found a secret brotherhood, engage in ritualism, metasurgical experiments and much, much more!

Game Features:

  • Narrative Attributes and Talents: make up your character with help of simple ideas
  • Dynamic and Lethal Fights: no time to hesitate, respond to danger swiftly.
  • Shadow Societies: start your own secret organization and rise above the Penumbra Theater.
  • Wounds, Physical and Mental: grow a collection of scars, injuries, delusions, and curses from the beyond.
  • Mysticism and the Occult: pursue enlightenment and tune in to your paranormal abilities.
  • Otherworldly Crafts: ritualistics, metamedicine, and metaengineering are unique mechanics for unique ambitions.
  • Historical Arsenal: a wide selection of 19th century weapons, including various kinds of pistols and muskets with realistic mechanics.
  • Specialized Experience Points: each character develops the skills they actually use; narrative attributes, combat skills, and psychic powers advance independently.

Quickstart Rules – this booklet is a brief rundown of main rulebook, that allows you to create a character with one of six Biographies – the Specialist; it also includes all the basic narrative and combat rules so you can begin playing at once. This quickstart will be of most use to players who are familiar with basic TTRPG ideas and who are in a rush to get into the Shadow Play. Quickstart also includes Character Sheet, 6 game-ready characters and Combat Status Chart.

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