Name The Baskarian Republic / The Republic of Baskar Location Islands to the west of Adriano Political system Oligarchic Republic Capital Albornport Population ~ 7,000,000 people Religion Messianism (Codexism) Currency Baskar Doji Exports Tobacco, coal, whale blubber, firearms. Stereotype Eccentric snobs General Characteristics  “All crew members have dressed up in black tailcoats and lit their… Continue reading


    Salmandia is a New World continent, also known as the Wild Heart of the Disc, due to being situated right in the geographical center of the known world. Despite the many centuries of colonization, Salmandia is still filled with unconquered jungle and hidden native kingdoms. The lands of Salmandia are composed of three parts: the… Continue reading


    Adriano (also known as the Old World) is an enormous western continent that consists of North and South Adriano, separated by the Maris straight. The Old World covers an enormous area of more than 30 million square kilometers, with its population ranging from 100 million up to 1 billion, depending on the researcher. The climate… Continue reading


    “Our one and only home is the Disc, so all its people, no matter where they are, are at home”, — from the Cosmopolitan Manifesto, Anonymous, 1792 The Disc is the geographical name of the known world. These lands have been mapped and covered in countless miles of shipping routes throughout many generations of explorers… Continue reading