Salmandia is a New World continent, also known as the Wild Heart of the Disc, due to being situated right in the geographical center of the known world. Despite the many centuries of colonization, Salmandia is still filled with unconquered jungle and hidden native kingdoms.

The lands of Salmandia are composed of three parts: the Denerian Isle in the north, Tsy-Ar in the west, and Zaanah in the east. They are separated with a dangerous, wayward strait called the Diablo Sea. To the south of the continent, there is a massive island called Chy-Ar which is also considered to be part of Salmandia. Some of Salmandia’s prominent features are its hot climate and wet seasons during spring and summer.

The mostly dark-skinned Salmandians are joyful people; a sizable part of their nation lives in primitive traditional communities. Among the hundreds of various beliefs in Salmandia, the predominant one is Idolatry, a religion based on worshiping the reincarnating Idols and powerful genies.

As a New World continent, Salmandia ends up being an easy target for Adrianians and Al-Avidians armed with gunpowder weapons. The continent is continually torn apart by colonization attempts and internal conflicts. Yet that is only what lies on the surface, and only the wisest sages know what is concealed within the depths of this mysterious continent.


“There’s no place other than Wild Heart where a search and rescue can last for 11 years. But I don’t regret a single day I spent here… Audiences with kings and sorcerers, bowhunting in the jungle, profound revelations in the face of mortal danger… I do not regret a single day but one: the day I was eventually found, taken from home, and returned to my cold-hearted motherland.”

Sir Pantaleon Vatslavsky, Spohledian Geographical Society chairman, shaman, father of 12.

Each passing year leaves fewer blank spots on the maps of Salmandia. However, not that many locations in Salmandia are widely known around the world. Among the most popular are the following:

  • The Open Port of Almeho is one of the main seaports on the Disc, the entryway into the New World for Adrianian ships. The hradstadt keeps its balance between leading colonial powers of the region, steadily accumulating its own fleet and finances, despite only gaining independence quite recently. The rapid growth of the port further fuels the many collisions between the arrogant tourists, the locals, and the indigenous inhabitants of the island.
  • The Denerian Empire is an ancient matriarchal country, the titular ruler of all the lands and tribes of Salmandia. Deneria is abundant with exotic customs and sacral mysteries; the different castes of its citizens live in separate communes, each waiting for its Idol to be reborn. Unfortunately, this ancient empire has fallen victim to the feud between insatiable colonial companies of the Old World that split its lands among themselves.
  • The Merchant Republic of Demfol is an Old World colony, situated on the shore of the Diablo Sea, formerly the capital of the South Spohledian Viceroyalty. Demfol is known for its aggressive commerce, ruthless entrepreneurs, and delicious syrups. Demfol has a meaningful legacy related to the Wandering King and his Caesar Corps that carried out secret research expeditions all around the Disc.
  • The Tsy-Ar kingdoms are the lands of indigenous tribes and monarchs, hidden from uninvited guests within dense jungle. The kingdoms are rich with both mystery and gold, yet completely savage by the Old World standards. Legions of explorers race against each other in their attempts to establish new routes or sign trade treaties with the local rulers, but each step further into the land of Tsy-Ar will cost you blood. The marvels of these jungles are astonishing, and the horrors are no less so.
  • Naonia, The Forbidden Land is a mysterious country in the center of the barren Zaanah, taken over by the Strangers, children of the Other Side of the Disc. In spite of its beautiful savannas and monumental ziggurats, there aren’t many visitors to Naonia and its population is limited to a few dozen solitary guards wrapped in exotic clothing. It is rare for Naonians to resort to violence, but they can always find other ways to prompt outsiders to leave.
  • The Free Al-Erad Emirate is an independent Al-Avidian colony, living in a state of serious conflict with the metropole. What started as a missionary attempt of the Sultanate to spread Sunworship across the lands of Salmandia evolved into the creation of this refuge for free-thinkers and heretics. For centuries, Al-Erad had been the center of Wild Heart’s slave trade; but nowadays, the elites of the emirate are attempting to reconcile with native Salmandian tribes, hoping to make allies for their own battle for freedom.
  • The Harmstadt Republic is a former Spohledian colony that eventually flourished thanks to the well-educated and freedom-loving Salmandian reformers. After the Protectorate fell and the Old World leadership fled, Harmstadt was briefly transformed into a pirate republic, but was later liberated by native Salmandians who received education and made powerful connections in Adriano. Today, this New World republic is both endowed and burdened with the questionable Old World legacy. Nobody truly knows what to expect of its new leaders, who have now shown that their visions for the future of the nation can be entirely incompatible.